New year and cleaner possibilities!

Before Christmas, we often want to unravel clutter and things that no longer serve their purpose. Your company’s cleaning agreement is possibly one of these “things”. It’s no secret that cleaning, which is a fresh product, can be so much. But if you are not satisfied, you should, in the same way as with bad electricity, bank and insurance contracts, also change your cleaning supplier.

With over 3,000 players in Norway, you could well say it’s a “jungle” out there, so we know many are afraid to embark on the process of changing suppliers. But it doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you think. The most important thing you contribute as a client is to specify how many hours your cleaning needs should take. Feel free to discuss this without obligation with some players, and when the time spent is correctly estimated, you then select 2-3 that you consider to be serious and ask for an offer. It is rarely the hourly price that is decisive for “expensive or cheap” contracts, it is almost always about the TIME set aside for cleaning in the agreement. Compared to all the services a company needs and pays for over the course of a year, cleaning is actually one of the cheapest things you can buy. If, on the other hand, you miss the time needed to carry out the work, the result will not be satisfactory either.

Well-executed assignments, at the agreed time, at the agreed price and with satisfied clients, is something we at Eurox strive hard for. As a rule, we do not take on assignments where we do not have an agreement in advance with the client about how many hours of cleaning are necessary at their workplace or in their housing association. In relation to how decisive cleaning is in terms of well-being, both among employees and residents, perhaps this is the time of year when you should ensure a cleaner, new year.

Happy pre-Christmas time 😊