Stair wash


Stair wash

There is usually a lot of traffic in a stairwell, especially in buildings without a lift. Many people take the stairs several times a day, children run in and out with shoes full of sand and mud and bicycles, prams, skateboards are also often carried in and out of the stairs. So stairwells therefore quickly become dirty, so quality stair washing is extremely important. Stair washing also involves more than just washing the stairs themselves. Staircases consist of walls, entrance doors, handrails, windows, moldings, mailboxes, etc.

Well-executed stairwell cleaning and clean common areas often contribute to better well-being and the environment in a block of flats and blocks of flats. Eurox Renhold has experience with everything from small housing associations to large regional property companies and carries out stair cleaning on a permanent basis or as part of a larger solution for property companies.

Elevator cleaning

Lift washing is often something that is included in the daily or weekly cleaning plan. Unfortunately, there are very few companies that properly master elevator washing. And here there is also little difference in quality between smaller cleaning companies and the largest and best-known players. After countless inspections of housing associations and condominiums over the past year, the cleanliness of lifts in particular has been poor, in some cases even absent. Cleaning a lift is a separate “art” that requires completely different methods and means. The right detergent and equipment for different surfaces is important for a good result, and not least to minimize wear and tear. A lift consists of different materials on the floor and walls. There are also objects or equipment in the lift that have different materials to be treated, for example mirrors and button panels.

Lift cleaning is also directly related to the expenditure item “maintenance of lifts” A lift is a technical installation, therefore it is extra important to have dirt, gravel and pebbles removed from the lift pulleys, so that this does not cause unnecessary wear in the tracks in the lift door. Cleaning often takes time and is easy to neglect or overlook – especially if you are in a hurry. Eurox Renhold have gradually become very skilled at properly cleaning lifts, a job that is at least as important as other cleaning tasks. Not least, this is important in housing associations and condominiums with many lifts and large expenses on the operation and maintenance of these.

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