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Eurox Renhold offers a large range of consumables for both office, home, hygiene and personal care. We can deliver individual orders, on fixed agreements or as part of a comprehensive service package. We tailor the agreement according to our customers’ needs and wishes, and can handle everything from inventory, ordering and invoicing, so that you get an overview of everything on one invoice. With wholesale prices on all consumer goods, we can offer our customers favorable prices that are competitive. We deliver free of charge during working hours on weekdays.

Rental of towels

High-quality textiles help to maintain your company’s good service and image. From our supplier you can choose from a selection of comfortable towels. All textiles are washed to the right standard with regard to hygiene, and deliver the quantity you as a customer need, when you need it.

Mops and cloths

We also offer a rental solution for mops and cloths. This solution is both time-saving and ensures efficient cleaning. Our partner delivers clean mops and cloths directly to you, while they collect the dirty ones.

Rental of machines

If your company needs the use of different machines for daily cleaning, most machines can be bought or leased through us at our wholesale prices. As a rule, we recommend leasing the necessary equipment with good service agreements.

With us you get: