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Eurox Cleaning is a complete provider of cleaning services for businesses in the Eastern region of Norway. We offer cleaning of commercial premises, including office spaces, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms, and shops.

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Eurox Renhold is a cleaning company that was first established in 1995, then under the name Euroxren. In recent times, the company has received both a new name, address, and several employees. We also recently underwent a “makeover,” including the creation of new, fantastic websites at

The company has a healthy economy and was awarded the Gazelle Business accolade by DN in 2022. Over 28 years, we have built up extensive experience and broad expertise in cleaning services for the corporate market, in Oslo, Viken, and Innlandet. Our experience comes from both other companies and from previously being employed as cleaning supervisors.

Eurox provides quality cleaning services at locations such as office landscapes, gyms, restaurants, pharmacies, cafeterias, retail stores, schools, and kindergartens, among others.


Our cleaners receive continuous cleaning training and follow-up, ensuring that we always deliver quality cleaning to all our customers.


We want to take responsibility for a sustainable future and are therefore certified as a 'Miljøfyrtårn' (Eco-Lighthouse). This means that we only use environmentally certified cleaning products.


Through regular quality controls and customer conversations, we manage to maintain the quality of the cleaning, as well as have a good dialogue with our customers.

What do our customers say about us?


Oslo University Hospital HE

«Section for control and production oversees, among other things, the cleaning at the Blood Bank and has strict requirements for cleanliness and procedures regarding traceability of this. We are therefore very satisfied with Eurox Cleaning AS. They have met all the conditions presented prior to the contract signing and have been a reliable supplier.»

Rolf Hugo Jespersen
Unit Manager

Steiner School in Nordstrand

«Eurox Renhold distinguishes itself with its friendliness and flexibility, and is perceived as professional and conscientious in its follow-up. We appreciate being met in an efficient and constructive manner from the management side, and enjoy clean premises every day!»

Kjersti Hauger
Managing Director/Principal

Schibsted SMB AS

«Eurox Renhold took us seriously from the first inspection, and we feel that our cleaning needs are both heard and met. They have been working with us for about 2 weeks now, and we are currently very satisfied. The employees are friendly and professional, and they are flexible when it comes to finding solutions together with us. Highly recommended for similar jobs.»

Martin Lampe

Our policy

Eurox is working towards a more ethical and cleaner cleaning industry where employees are taken care of and receive the pay and follow-up they are entitled to.

Our customers can always be assured that we provide services within the framework of HSE regulations, as well as comply with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, we provide all customers with insight into our employees’ contracts, pay slips, insurance agreements, and the company’s tax certificate.

We always adhere to the industry’s minimum wage scheme, which is updated annually according to the industry’s collective bargaining agreement. We can also guarantee that all employees are registered in the AA register and have all mandatory insurance and HSE cards. 

Practical info

Here you will find answers to the most common questions, so that you will feel looked after and well informed.

It obviously depends on the workplace, but regular cleaning is recommended for all companies, to ensure a healthy and good indoor climate and well-being among the employees. In some places, weekly cleaning as well as more frequent WC and kitchen cleaning can be sufficient.
However, daily cleaning of frequently touched fixtures is recommended. In addition, an annual, thorough wash down should be carried out, with ceiling and wall washing, living room and carpet cleaning etc.

The first suggestion is to use environmentally friendly and Swan-labelled products. So it is important to use the right agents for the right purposes and in the right doses. Using hot water well versus chemicals is a good rule to remember. In addition, it is important to use the right equipment as well as sponges and cloths without microplastics.

Dust is inevitable – it comes from shoes, pollen, dead skin cells, clothing fibres, carpets etc. And because it can trigger allergies, it is important to handle it correctly. Dust collects everywhere, but especially in places with low air circulation. Regular vacuuming and dusting in places you don’t normally get to or see is essential. It is also important to ventilate well when dusting, so that dust in the air can be removed from the room with the cover. Certain green plants and air purifiers also remove ultrafine particles and reduce allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Schools and public buildings that are in daily use have stricter requirements for cleaning and washing. Schools and nurseries are washed every single day, therefore they have a high frequency of regular cleaning. The same applies to warehouses, fitness centers and places where food is prepared. There, you often also have staff at work throughout the day to maintain a high standard.

Eurox Renhold has become particularly good at cleaning schools and nurseries. We have many customers in this segment, such as the Steiner School and the Montassari family, with the best customer service. These are assignments that we eventually have extensive experience with and understand what is required. Here, we assign permanent, local cleaners to each assignment, where the goal is always more than satisfactory cleaning

We are a gazelle company, which of course means that we have to do something right. Focus on fair treatment of our cleaners, adherence to all industry standards, extensive experience and good customer follow-up mean that you are in safe hands. We are small enough to care, and big enough to deliver.

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