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Floor mat service


Floor mat service

We have a wide range of different types of mats that are suitable for different types of purposes. Did you know that with the right mat you can reduce cleaning work by as much as 44%? An entrance mat should collect both dirt, sand and dust. We have two types of entrance mats – scratch mats and nylon mats. The nylon mat contains strong but thin nylon fibers. This makes room for dirt between the fibers. The scratching mat consists of thick, crooked fibers and thin fibers in between. This gives plenty of space for both dirt such as sand and dust, but also coarser dirt such as mud or snow.

With a rental solution, you can choose from a wide selection of mats that are regularly washed and maintained. We offer a complete range of quality mats that keep your floors clean, profile your business and improve the indoor environment.

With us you get: