You often get what you pay for

You often get what you pay for. Poorly paid cleaners or cleaners without experience, motivation, dedication or pride in their work rarely leave the cleanest premises. A cleaner costs, so to speak, the same for everyone in the industry, as long as industry standards are followed. Few of us want to exploit people, so with us you can see your cleaner’s employment contract etc. We are fair and also do not put a bigger markup on the prices than we can also make a living from our work. The fact that our cleaners stay with us, I would say, gives us a big advantage in terms of the quality of the work we deliver. We spend a lot of time putting together teams that best serve your exact needs. Cleaning can be so much, so it is important to put the right people to the job, just like in all other industries. Few people benefit from frequent replacement and rotation of cleaners.

Public tenders in Norway

In all industries exposed to competition, there will be some market leaders who are so large that the smaller ones have no chance to compete on price, for example in tenders. It is not unusual for you to have 2-4 large players who win the lion’s share of all public tenders in Norway, and this is a fact in many industries. It’s no secret that many state-owned companies, regardless of what they may claim externally, most often choose suppliers based on price alone. I am relatively new to the industry, but had a job as a cleaner for a housing association and various companies (lawyer and audit offices) next to school from 6-9 grade. I also have an iso certification course in Public Tenders and have worked with tenders in other industries. Even in the case of tenders in the multi-million class, where physical products are also in demand, where environmental friendliness, for example, is apparently to be weighted the most, most people still end up choosing one of the top 3 largest. And this is how it goes on the round trip to “eternal time”

Poor cleaning results in expensive cleaning

BUT there is a HUGE difference in the quality delivered in cleaning, most of us have experienced that in one way or another. Furthermore, I also dare to say that the largest ones are not suitable for everyone at all. There is such a thing as being too big, too. You then lose a bit of control, since after all we are communicating with people. And poor cleaning ultimately becomes expensive cleaning. This leads to faster wear and tear of both the building and fixtures, a poorer indoor climate and dissatisfied employees. Good maintenance is also much cheaper than rehabilitation!

We at Eurox are small enough to care and big enough to deliver.

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